In this article, I am going to explain how you can download and install AOL shield or AOL shield pro and How you use our instant support for this browser. AOL Shield Pro Browser for Windows (32/64-Bit) You can enjoy a more secure and comfortable browsing experience with AOL Shield Pro.

Clean Interface:

Download AOL Shield Pro Browser for Windows (32/64-Bit) has an interface that’s simple, traditional, and visual. So it can be quickly and easily used by all types (both technical and novices) of people.

Download AOL Shield Pro Browser for Windows

Browse the Web:

With this free web browser, the user can navigate the World Wide Web easily and efficiently in a safe and secure way by blocking internet spam and harmful links.


You can also bookmark most visited websites, discusses, and links with a single click for easy access whenever you need them.

Online Protection:

Users can efficiently perform online banking (purchases and fund transfers) and data transfers against fraud and online thefts after downloading and installing AOL Shield Pro browser for Windows.

Anti-Key logging Technology:

With this functionality of anti-keylogging security, the user may encrypt their keys or file entries from hackers as they try to capture output credentials and steal the info.

Screen Grab Protection:

In order to respond, the screen grab protection helps to stop malware and other infections from taking your desktop computer screen snapshots or images.

Stop Scan Websites:

AOL Shield Pro Browser will automatically watch or check all incoming activities and will instantly block spam websites, malware links and dangerous or unsecure websites until they run on your system.

New Incognito Window:

Therefore, when you’re online, it has a new incognito window that helps protect your privacy and online identity. And, when you exit the session, it will automatically clean or remove your browsing history, toolbars, downloads and other activity. So, it is impossible for any hacker or third-party application to hack your activity.

Improve Browsing Speed:

By using this top best web browser, the user can boost the loading speed when deleting or cleaning browser cookies, files, metadata, passwords, extensions and other toolbars.

Restore Session:

After downloading AOL Shield Pro Browser, you can easily restore the recently closed session (due to power loss, system crashes, unsuitable operations and other issues).

Inbuilt Apps:

AOL Shield App provides online apps such as, AOL Messenger, Yahoo Finance, Twitter, Pinterest, Ebay, Engadget, Target, etc. You can also directly sign in to the AOL Browser window and performing various activities.

Ad –Blocker:

Alternatively, to improve browsing speed, you can easily detect and block or stop annoying ads, popup notifications, and third-party apps, and provide ad-free surfing experience with interruption internet.


This Windows privacy browser allows you to download various files from the popular websites and social media sites. And, a download manager allows you to download multiple files at a time.

Import Bookmarks:

AOL Shield Browser supports Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer and HTML File to import history, bookmarks, saved credentials and personal settings.

Password Manager:

At the same time, you can use a master password to manage all your passwords and automatically use saved credentials to sign in to websites.

Reset Settings:

Using AOL Shield Browser can reset your login page search engine, new tab list, and printed tabs. And, it will uninstall all plugins and simple temporary data such as cookies as well.

Block Suspicious Downloads:

This free internet explorer automatically checks and blocks files that are suspicious dangerous and harmful before it runs on your Windows computer.

Displays Latest News:

In the main wizard, it automatically displays the latest News, Finance, and Sports updates.


Finally, you can select any language as your AOL Shield Pro Browser’s preferred language. Also, the AOL Shield Pro browser’s support guide is currently available in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Irish etc.

Download AOL Shield Pro Browser Free System Requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Hard Disk:350 MB of free hard disk space
  • Installed Memory:512 MB of RAM
  • Processor: Require Pentium 4 processor or later
  • Developer: Verizon Media
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AOL Shield Pro Browser Conclusion:

In realization, Access AOL Shield Pro Browser is one of the best Windows OS web browsers. This free privacy browser allows you to easily and quickly access any information (media files). And, the user is able to download multiple files from various websites and popular social networks. Once the AOL Browser is successfully installed and launched, the user can block unwanted ads, privacy violations from third parties and network issues to protect your privacy and private data. AOL Shield Pro Browser is free to download from our website and is available on the web. Finally, the user should follow the simple steps above to Download and install AOL Shield Pro on their Mac.